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Guide to Planning a Micro-Wedding in DC

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and couples can find plenty of ideas on social media to use as inspiration for their big day. One of the hottest current trends for couples who prefer a smaller, more intimate celebration is a micro-wedding.

Micro-weddings are a smaller version of a traditional wedding, with a guest count of around 50 people. This type of wedding is popular because it's intimate, like an elopement, but the day still flows like a traditional wedding.

Are you trying to plan a micro-wedding in DC? Simplify your wedding planning process with helpful tips and suggestions that make your wedding day unique and memorable. Check out this micro-wedding guide for how to organize the best micro-wedding in DC.

Planning Your Micro-Wedding Guest List

One reason you're probably hosting a micro-wedding is that you want a more manageable party size. Your guest list will be significantly smaller than traditional weddings, which is what makes micro-weddings so appealing to some couples. You'll typically only be inviting the closest people in your life, like your immediate family members and close friends.

Keeping your guest list small can be simple if you and your partner agree on a specific number and stick to it. If you're making your list of people to invite and find the task more challenging than you expected, try using some of these guest list trimming tips for your DC micro-wedding.

  • Adults only: Limiting your guest list exclusively to adults is an easy way to shrink your party size. Unless you have children in your immediate family who would feel left out if they didn't get invited, this strategy is the way to go. Many couples keep their special day adults-only to enjoy their reception more without worrying about children at the party, and all the parents will have a fun night out. Instead, you could offer to invite children to other pre-wedding festivities like your engagement party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner
  • Immediate family only: For traditional weddings, couples will invite their immediate families plus their cousins, second cousins, great aunts and uncles and extended family members they may not visit regularly. While inviting these family members may be necessary for a big wedding, a micro-wedding should only involve your immediate family to keep your guest count down. You and your partner should invite the closest family members you can't imagine spending your special day without. This strategy can help trim down your guest list.
  • Limit plus-ones: A simple way to ensure you stick to your guest count number is to limit the number of plus-ones from the start. A strategy you can use to keep the number of plus-ones down is to only allow people in long-term relationships to bring their partner. This tip is common in the wedding community and helps trim your guest list so you can host the micro-wedding of your dreams
  • Best friends: You and your partner will cross paths with numerous friends throughout your lifetime. You'll have childhood friends, college friends and co-workers with whom you enjoy spending time. While you're creating your guest list, narrow down only your closest friends. If you're on the fence about inviting some people, ask yourself a couple of questions: If you don't invite them, will that hinder your friendship? Would you feel hurt if they didn't invite you to their wedding? Your answers can help determine if you should invite them.

Once you and your partner have completed your guest list, keep it only between the two of you. It's essential to feel confident in your guest list, and sharing that information with family or friends can sometimes lead to debates that might make you question your decision. One of the only reasons to make an exception to this tip is if your parents or future in-laws are financially contributing to the wedding and ask you to invite specific people.

Finding Your Micro-Wedding Venue

One of the best things about micro-wedding planning is the endless possibilities you have for your venue. Since your guest count is smaller, you and your partner have a wide selection of venue options for your micro-wedding.

While you plan your micro-wedding and look for a venue, you can explore unique locations and beautiful DC event spaces that will be the perfect location to say "I do." To make your search for the ideal venue in DC a breeze, follow these helpful tips.

  • Make a list: Get organized by creating a list of all potential venues you are considering for your big day. This list can include the venue's name, venue contact information, websites, social media accounts, capacity limits and type of venue.
  • Choose your location: Decide on a general part of town where you'd prefer to hold your wedding. For example, if you want to narrow down your neighborhood to southwest DC, only include venues that host SW DC events and weddings on your list.
  • Budget: Discuss a budget for your venue between you, your partner and whoever else might be contributing financially to the wedding.
  • Choose a date: Decide on a few dates when you might like to host your wedding. Having a couple of different dates in mind helps when discussing availability with your venue.
  • Plan a tour: Once you've knocked out all the venue details, schedule tours of the spots on your list and come prepared with questions.
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Curating Your Micro-Wedding Menu

Another perk of a micro-wedding is ordering a delicious dinner for your guests. With a large wedding, it's hard to provide extravagant food for everyone, especially when you're on a tight budget. Catering for a micro-wedding allows you to offer high-quality dinner items, have a special reception menu and still stick to your wedding budget.

Romantic Restaurants in DC

If you're looking for wedding catering in DC from a romantic restaurant with delicious food, Station 4 is a superb partner to choose for your micro-wedding.

Station 4 is a restaurant that has been serving couples throughout all steps of their relationship. Many couples had their first dates at our establishment, and have been together since that! Our romantic atmosphere and tasty food are the perfect combinations for your wedding day. Station 4 offers catering for venues and private gatherings at our restaurant that would be excellent for a micro-wedding in DC.

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Contact Station 4 to Curate Your Menu

Are you looking for one of the best DC event caterers for your micro-wedding? Contact Station 4 to start creating a unique catering menu for your micro-wedding.