Best Places to Propose in Washington, DC

Finding the best spot to propose is a crucial part of making the moment memorable and picture-perfect. Washington, DC, is famous for historical landmarks with memorials and museums that are favored for proposals. The beautiful waterfronts and parks are also perfect for a scenic backdrop.

Whether you're a local or on a romantic trip with your partner, you will find many places to pop the big question in Washington, DC.

perfect place to propose

Find the Perfect Place to Propose

There are many factors to consider when you propose, from the ring to picking the right time. When it comes to choosing a place, you have many options. Here are the best places to propose in DC:

The National Mall

Home to two iconic monuments, the national mall is one of the best places to propose in DC. You can get on one knee with the Lincon Memorial standing tall in the background and with a view of the Washington Monument. The National Mall also has the Smithsonian Castle and other meaningful landmarks that are good places to propose.

Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill park has breathtaking sculptures and architecture surrounded by majestic greenery. You can stroll through this scenic park and find the perfect spot to create your special moment.

The Tidal Basin

The best time to propose at the Tidal Basin is spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. The blossoms are white and pale pink, giving you and your other half a heavenly setting.

Bishop Gardens

Located next to the National Cathedral, the Bishop Garden is a wonderful location for a proposal. The stunning garden offers picturesque scenery with captivating greeny and flowers.

National Portrait Gallery

The Kogod Courtyard in the National Portrait Gallery is perfect for an indoor proposal with an outdoor feel. The enclosed courtyard features black olive trees, ficus and various plants.

Georgetown Waterfront

This popular waterfront stretches along the Potomac River. You can take a walk with your partner at sunset and find a private stop to propose.Georgetown Waterfront is surrounded by restaurants so you'll have plenty of places to celebrate afterward.

Station 4

Station 4 is perfect for a proposal in an intimate setting with an elegant atmosphere. By using the private dining space, you can coordinate with your event manager and include every detail to make it an exceptionally romantic experience for you and your other half. You will also have a place to celebrate your proposal anniversary for years to come.

Celebrate Your Special Day at Station 4

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